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hand carved walking sticks 
Traditional English Walking Sticks and
Market Sticks handmade by Gordon Mathie.
Handmade walking sticks and hand carved walking sticks. Our handmade walking sticks use the very best materials and are created using traditional wood working methods. A handmade walking stick is a practical and stylish accessory which will enhance your enjoyment of the countryside. Please browse our website to view our full range of walking sticks, horn sticks, thumb sticks and knob sticks. If you don’t find one that suits you, we are happy to make you a handmade walking stick that suits your taste or requirements.
Horn Sticks Hand carved walking sticks Thumb Sticks
Horn Sticks Market Sticks Thumb Sticks
From £45
From £75
From £45
Knob Sticks Hand Carved walking sticks  
Knob Sticks Hand Craved Sticks  
From £45
From £95